Composition Tips

Regardless, of which camera do you use, it is almost mandatory to know the basics of composing photographs. Only, camera with high pixels and good quality are not enough to capture the feel and essence of subject and background in your photographs.

Though, it sounds a bit weird that composing is essential part of photography, especially to beginners but actually it is. When you will learn to compose the pictures then you will see the difference what it means. Now we should move ahead to the tips.

1)    Rule of third

Actually, rule of third is a conventional idea on photography and plays an important role so as to make photographs better; some fraction has started ignoring though.


Imagine your photograph is divided into equal 9 parts by two horizontal and vertical segments. By the rule of third, you have to place important elements of your picture i.e. area where you want to focus either in line segments or at intersection.

Doing so will add balance and interest to your photo. Some cameras even offer an option to super impose a rule of thirds grid over the LCD screen making it even to use. Some example on rule of third is




2)    Focus on focusing


A lot of pictures as far as I have seen have their focus directly centered in picture with empty spaces around. Normally, people are not aware of photography and don’t have any idea how camera works; they prefer to use camera in Auto mode which implies auto focus. As a consequence, center-weighted focus is used

But professionals do put their subject off-center and usually use manual focus. It will be a kind of fun when you start taking photographs with manual focus and putting subject off center. It works like charm for subjects that are still such as people who are posing, trees etc.



3)    Fill the frame


Sometimes you guys have wondered that hi-tech expensive camera are more complicated and sensitive to colors than eyes, if it is so then you are in complete illusion. Your eyes can see everything actually sentiments, feelings. Moreover, essence of that scenario but when you capture that with the help of camera then you are not going to get what you have seen previously. Actually our eyes are far more complicated than any camera you have got. So, there is necessity in photography to capture the feelings and technique is there you must follow that we will introduce to you.

Most people make mistakes of trying to include too much in their picture and end up with a boring photo where nothing really stands out.

Sometime leaving lots of empty space in the photo also works well .You may want to fill two thirds of the picture of something like sandy beach to get the special effect. Just be sure to get a close enough shot that your subject fills at least about a third of frame.

This blog is designed to provide photography tips and tricks and post processing tips

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