Photojournalist Dan Chung Captures Olympic Games Using Only An iPhone

Photographer Dan Chung taking photographs using a smart phone

Why do you need a camera when you’ve got an iPhone 4S? Answer: you don’t. At least, according to The Guardian’s Photojournalist and videographer Dan Chung is photographing the entire Olympic Games using just an iPhone 4S and processing app Snapseed. Chung is keeping a photoblog of all the pictures he’s taking with his iPhone, including pictures of athletes in the midst of competition, pictures of face-painted, flag-wearing fans and the Olympic Stadium among the beautiful London scenery. Here’s further support for the ‘it’s the photographer, not the gear’ argument.

Chung also used a clip-on Schneider lens and some Canon binoculars to get the results he did. All the pictures he has taken so far can be seen on his photoblog, with more pictures being added in throughout the remainder of the games.

Fans with Union Jack face paint enjoy the sunshine in the Olympic park.
Image by Dan Chung

Germany Hannes Aigner paddles to Bronze in the Mens’s Kayak (K1) at the Lee Valley White Water Centre
Image by Dan Chung

Olympics 2012: Italian supporters at the Women’s individual archery at Lord’s.
Image by Dan Chung

Team GB’s Men’s team pursuit squad on the way to winning their gold medal tonight at the Velodrome. This was captured using a fisheye lens attachment.
Image by Dan Chung

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