Basic Photography tips

Guest Post By:Katherine Flowers

If you want to become a professional photographer, or even if you just enjoy taking photographs, following the most basic photography tips will ensure your pictures come out perfectly. Furthermore, every single successful photographer had to learn and more importantly,perfect these skills before progressing. Here, we will explore some of the most basic photography tips in more detail.


Understanding Your Menus

Regardless of your camera, you should always want to utilise the features available. Too many amateur photographers tend to use the auto setting, when the reality is that every decent camera has a feature to improve every single picture that you take. Before you know it, using the settings on your camera will become second nature, but until then, you need to study your manual like you are revising for a test because not understanding your camera instantly leaves you at a disadvantage.

Learning the Right Time to use Flash

If you want to become a professional photographer, you should be in control of the flash setting at all times. When shooting portraits, make sure you turn the flash off and turn the remove red eye. You should also never use flash when you are shooting outside on a sunny day, when you are shooting through glass, shooting moving subjects or shooting your image from a long distance.

 Get Closer for Better Effect

The photographs that have the most impact are the ones taken from a close distance. Taking a picture from a distance is great because it allows you to include a lot of detail, but they lack initial impact. You can zoom or change lenses to get more detail in your picture from a distance, but you never want to compromise on quality, which means that it may be a better idea to take the picture closer.


Learning the distances you should shoot your picture from is something that you will find hard to master. Many budding photographers take several pictures from varying distances and then explore all of them to see which onelooks the best. This will give an indication of where to shoot from in the future.

Above are just three of many basic tips that should be mastered initially by everybody who wants to take photography seriously. If you want to become a professional photographer, as well as these photography tips, you need to shoot thousands of photographs because practice makes perfect.
Author By-line:

Katherine Flowers chronicles her experiences doing freelance wedding photography in Sydney. She is passionate about sharing her knowledge about design concepts and gadgetry.


This blog is designed to provide photography tips and tricks and post processing tips

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