Prisming Photography Techniques

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It’s time for one of our photography tutorials. In a world where almost everyone has become digital, and the word Photoshop is tossed around more and more everyday, it’s no wonder professional photographers are searching for new techniques and tricks. We crave to not only stand out but save time in post-processing. Enter our wonderful photography tutorials. The latest craze among the photography world is a technique that involves putting a prism in front of your lens. The results can produce a reflective, rainbow wonder, almost like your tripping out on acid and shrooms. The idea has become popular thanks to Washington DC-based wedding photographer Sam Hurd. This young fellow has done quite a bit of experimentation using an 6″ equilateral prism — find them on Amazon and Ebay — to create these special effects.



Image Credits: Sam Hurd

As you can see from the sample photos below, Sam accomplishes the effect quite well with couples and wedding. It makes one wonder what else you could do with this. I know Tara and Myself will be picking up one of these asap and start experimenting immediately. We’ve already ordered one off amazon (this is the one we got).

So for those of you who want to see less photoshop, and more in-camera effects, this one is definitely for you. We’ve linked to Sam Hurd’s blog and he has also submitted a video to youtube.  In his video he demonstrates the effect and provides a in depth review. Stay tuned for our eBook coming out next month that details this technique and many others.

Image Credits: Sam Hurd

Image Credits: Sam Hurd

Image Credits: Sam Hurd

Image Credits: Sam Hurd

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