Easiest Way To Sharpen Image

This is one of my favorite technique of all time in photoshop, and this is high pass sharpening technique. There are many ways to sharpen an image in photoshop but this is easiest way i’ve ever found. The reason the High Pass filter technique works so well at sharpening images is because any areas in the image which are not an edge are left untouched. The only areas that have sharpening applied to them are the edges, which is exactly what you want, and also what all of those confusing options in the “Unsharp Mask” and “Smart Sharpen” filters are trying to help you achieve.
Let’s get started.

Step 1: Duplicate The Background Layer

The first thing we need to do is duplicate the Background layer, so I’ll do that using the quick keyboard shortcut Ctrl+J.

Step 2: Convert the copied layer to smart object
Now right click on copied layer and select convert to smart object and this gives us the ability to apply filter non destructible to this layer.

Step 3: Apply High Pass Filter
3After converting duplicated layer to smart object go to filter >other and select high pass.

Step 4: select the high pass radius pixel

4After applying high pass filter anything isn’t edge becomes 50% gray and anything that is an edge becomes darker on the darker half and lighter on the light half so basically it is doing edge enhancement. Generally your radius may be somewhere between 1-3 sometimes it may be higher and sometimes may be lower it depend upon the resolution and detail of the image. Basically i like to start from the radius of 1.5.

Step 5: Select the Blend Mode Overlay
7If you have a smart filter the filter itself have a blending option you can see little slider on the right side of high pass and if you click there you double click over there then you can get the same blend  mode list. Now change your blend mode to overlay. It will remove all the grey pixels and sharpens your image. If you want to reduce or enhance sharpness then click on high pass layer and change the radius. Isn’t it the easiest way to sharpen your image?

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