Easiest Way To Sharpen Image

This is one of my favorite technique of all time in photoshop, and this is high pass sharpening technique. There are many ways to sharpen an image in photoshop but this is easiest way i’ve ever found. The reason the High

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Top Three Tips For Getting Glamur Portrait Photography

Glamor photography has come a long way since the ‘80s. The requisite feather boas, the default pose of hand on collar, and the big hair —  all replaced today by better lighting and creative concepts that will sit comfortably with

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Why to shoot in RAW format?

What is Raw format? The RAW file format is digital photography’s equivalent of a negative in film photography: it contains untouched, “raw” pixel information straight from the digital camera’s sensor. The RAW file format has yet to undergo demosaicing, and so it

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Basic Photography tips

Guest Post By:Katherine Flowers If you want to become a professional photographer, or even if you just enjoy taking photographs, following the most basic photography tips will ensure your pictures come out perfectly. Furthermore, every single successful photographer had to

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Prisming Photography Techniques

Guest Post by: FeaturedPixels It’s time for one of our photography tutorials. In a world where almost everyone has become digital, and the word Photoshop is tossed around more and more everyday, it’s no wonder professional photographers are searching for new

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How to Build an Effective Professional Photography Website

Guest Author: Delany Moore Working photographers know that perfecting the art and the craft of photography is only a small part of what it takes to carve out a career as a professional photographer. This is why the best photography colleges

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How To Shoot Bokeh

Author: Robert S. Donovan It seems that many people out there are struggling to get good bokeh shots. The good news is that shooting bokeh is one of the easiest photographic techniques to learn. Unfortunately, it is also one of

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