Top Three Tips For Getting Glamur Portrait Photography

Glamor photography has come a long way since the ‘80s. The requisite feather boas, the default pose of hand on collar, and the big hair —  all replaced today by better lighting and creative concepts that will sit comfortably with any subject. These days, glamor photography has evolved into something more romantic and sexy, with the average person looking as captivating and alluring as any celebrity retouched to high heavens on any glossy magazine. Here are three top tips to help you get the best out of your glamor portrait photography session.


1. It is all in the lighting:

Now, it is not essential that you learn about the specifics of lighting in photography because your photographer will know. However, it might help if you know a bit about it so that if you are looking to get a specific mood or effect from your glamour photo, you will be able to express it more effectively. For instance, when you want something more dramatic, you could ask your photographer about edge lighting, wherein the light is set up at your height and to your side.

2. Get that “glamour” look

Glamor photography is all about capturing a sort of sensual appeal or romanticism. The outfit you wear will depend on your comfort level. You can get a stylist to put together a glamor look for your portrait photography session, or you could choose sexy outfits in solid colors. Remember not to put anything on that will be too busy or detract from your natural beauty.

You can also keep the make-up toned down, dramatic, luxurious —  your make-up will depend on the sort of outfits you plan to wear for your glamour portrait. To make sure it works with the shot, ask your photographer what he recommends. Should you go for red-hot lips, smoky eyes, or barely there make-up? Get your photographer’s input.


3. Strike that million-dollar pose and work those expressions

There are several poses to try out. If you are not quite comfortable posing in front of the camera, then practicing poses might feel forced when it is time to do your glamor shots. If not, try the easy and simple poses such as lying on your side on the bed or lying on your back with your back curved and your feet stretched out. Whatever pose you choose, make sure that you feel comfortable doing them because nothing ruins a photo more than an awkward pose. Follow your photographer’s advice and direction.

Naturally, a good photo comes from a good photographer so choose your lensman carefully. Try to pick a professional who has wide-ranging portfolio, which may include wedding photography, baby photography, and even corporate photography, demonstrating a skill in photographing people in varying circumstances.

About the author: Yonex Sterno is a passionate photographer and a freelance writer. His articles talks about methods in photography, tools, items and other related topics about arts and entertainment. In order to increase his knowledge, he visits websites like to know the latest trends in photography.

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